Your Reliable Summer Footwear Producer

We produce stylish and durable summer footwear to supply the fashion industry worldwide

We design and manufacture seasonal and capsule collections for many prestigious brands, primarily in Europe.

01 Design

Designing the Future

We create the best designs made of the finest leather and develop new ideas to increase material and design options for our clients. Always in tune with customer needs we deliver custom designs and capsule collections.

02 Production

Best results, always on time

We are very proud to be a trusted solution partner in design and production of summer footwear for bespoke global brands. Dedicated to sustainability, we offer innovative solutions and collaborate with our clients to deliver finest design with highest quality.

03 Sustainability

Aiming to Change the Industry

Our company culture is based on innovation. We determine our company goals and values by doing business ethically and we are a proud member of BSCI by Amfori.



Quality materials with innovative technology.We work hard on innovative materials to supply our business partners to always be ahead.


Customer satisfaction and fast production is our core strength. Our team is dedicated to provide best quality materials and designs with the fastest deadlines and thanks to our organizational structure, we are always ahead of the industry.


Genç Kardeşler Ayakkabı was founded in 1979 by Recep Genç as a small shoe atelier. In 2014, the company expanded their facilities and started to manufacture summer footwear for global brands in Europe with a yearly volume of 150.000 pairs.