Always Seeking
For The Best

We design and deliver for famous European brands mainly in Germany.

We are working with a very high volume of orders as well as repeat orders and always providing the same product thanks to our technology.

Great attention to detail

Right after we get the client’s orders we start off with meticulous planning to provide the best results on schedule. To ensure that all products meet the quality standards, our team executes regular checks and reports throughout the production process.
Our production 2500 sqm facility enables us an expanded production capacity and quick delivery in about 6 weeks.

Proud Member of Aegean Exporters Association

Listed among the top 500 companies in Turkey, Sun Tekstil has consecutively ranked as the biggest Exporter in 2018 and 2019, righteously making it the company with the highest export volume in the Aegean Region of Turkey. Although Sun Tekstil’s strength lies in circular knitwear, we have been producing woven products since 2018 which now accounts for about 10% of our turnover.

Ghench has consecutively got rewards from Aegean Exporters Associations with the high export volume in the Aegean Region of Turkey.
On average, Ghench is capable of manufacturing 50 thousand pairs per month. All manufacturing is in-house at our production facility in İzmir.
Our average delivery lead time periods range between 6 to 8 weeks. Deliveries for repeat orders are as short as 4 to 5 weeks.